Yiwu Furniture Market is located at the Chengxi District, Yiwu city. It covers an area of 160000 square meters, with more than 300 million yuan investment. It is currently the biggest modern furniture market in Zhejiang Province and it is the only one governmentally approved large scaled furniture wholesale trade market in Yiwu city.



It’s a five-floor large market, and each floor is designated as follows:


-1F: Office Furniture, Household Furniture


1F: Sofas, Metal Furniture, Glass Furniture and Wicker Furniture


2F: Children’s Furniture and Plastic Furniture


3F: Wooden Furniture; Europe Classic Furniture


4F: International Brand Furniture


5F: Cupboard, Bathroom Furniture, Outdoor Furniture, Mattresses, Bedroom Decoration



Here is a grand venue for furniture designers and buyers, where displayed a wide range of furniture species from high-end, to the low ones. The wide product range and brand participation make a huge impact on Yiwu Furniture Market being a leading role in the Central Zhejiang areas. Just like the Yiwu International Trade City, Yiwu Furniture Market has won a lot of reputation from abroad buyers.